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Applied Documented Value Added
Documented Value Added
At Applied Industrial Technologies, we work hard to support our customers, to bring them value they can’t get anywhere else, and to do our best to make them a success.

To document the value we bring, Applied offers our customers a service that we call Documented Value Added. Our employees use DVA to track and report value-added services on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Knowing and understanding this data enables our representatives to help you think strategically when it comes to fixing a problem.

While the price for MRO components is often the most visible means of reducing production costs, many underlying costs can be minimized to increase a facility’s profitability. Our representatives are able to calculate savings resulting from improved product life, reduced maintenance and labor costs, reduced energy consumption, lower cost product substitutions, reduced inventory investment and a host of transactional savings. True savings go right to the bottom line in improved product output or direct savings to your operation.

Our representatives are trained to identify value-added opportunities in many different areas including:

?  Reduced Maintenance Costs
?  Increased Productivity
?  Increased Up-Time
?  Energy Savings
?  Inventory Reduction
?  Price Savings
?  Reduced Transaction Costs
?  Troubleshooting
?  Technical Assistance
?  Training
?  Freight Savings

Whether we help you install energy efficient motors, implement a storeroom management systems or provide you with technical training, DVA documents the hard numbers that impact your bottom line. To demonstrate a few of the ways that DVA from Applied Industrial Technologies could have a positive impact on your operations, view the case studies on the sidebar.

DVA Case Studies

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A customer had a screen application utilizing worm and wheel gearboxes mounted vertically at the bottom of the screens. The component style seal in the gearbox was leaking prematurely, causing bearings in the gearbox to fail, ultimately damaging the gearing.


Applied created a bearing cartridge solution, built in-house, that utilized a positive drive belt system. The new configuration was lighter and incorporated a new cartridge mechanical seal and a bearing isolator to protect the bearings.


The customer has realized significant savings from improved equipment reliability in addition to hard cost DVA savings from Energy Savings and Reduced Maintenance Costs totaling more than $25,000 annually.

Increased Uptime

A customer experienced an emergency breakdown to an application using an expensive mechanical seal. The replacement seal had a 3 day lead time that would leave the customer’s operation shut down, resulting in substantial lost production.


An Applied representative visited the maintenance point to inspect the application and discovered that the mechanical seal in question was not accomplishing the task for which it was intended to do. The Applied representative suggested that a traditional oil seal would perform as well as the mechanical seal, and could be provided in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost.


The customer realized $8,977 in increased uptime and price savings

Increased Production

A customer was experiencing damaged product caused by a steep elevation change at a belt conveyor transfer point.


The Applied Technical Services Group worked with the Applied Sales Rep and customer personnel to fabricate a spiral shoot to install at the transfer point, allowing product to make a controlled descent, lessening the impact at the bottom of the transfer point.


The customer estimated savings of more than $50,000 annually, resulting from less product being damaged and needing to be re-circulated.

Increased Technical Assistance

A food products company was having
problems with product tipping and jamming the


Applied switched the conveyor chain, which
stopped the product from tipping.


This change provides an extra 30 minutes a day
of production and $72,000 in annual downtime savings.